Keys To The Game: Texas Tech

Keys To The Game: Texas Tech

With two whole weeks of preparation for Texas Tech, the Bobcats must have had plenty of time to figure out how to win Saturday.

Cameron's Keys to the Game:

Key 1: Slow it down, unleash the bevy of backs

Let's face it, the Bobcats are not going to beat Texas Tech in a shootout. They're going to have to win it ugly and with their strengths. Why haven't we seen a bevy of backs for the Bobcats thus far as expected? Maybe they are going to be unleashed tonight. Running game must show big improvement from the first two games and keeping Tech's high-flying offense off the field can only help.

Goal: Win time of possession and 20 first downs.

Key 2: Take a chance or two, choose wisely

Mistake free football is absolutely crucial to any upset, especially on the road in front of a sellout. Texas State should play conservative offensively but doing that ALL night won't result in a win. If play-action can open up and Arndt can show off his arm, with intelligence, the Bobcats could pose a threat.

Goal: No turnovers, 3 big successful plays down the field

Key 3: Death to the fast start

If Tech goes up by 14 at the end of the first quarter, the game is over, back it in. The Red Raiders secondary is too fast and they can afford to stay in coverage if the run game is not a threat. A winning formula for the Bobcats is if the defense wins the first half and the offense can somehow manage to win the second.

Goal: Halftime deficit of no more than 14

Final Verdict: I don't have the optimism, but then again, I didn't in Houston either. If Texas State accomplishes all three of these goals they give themselves a chance but I'm going to be a doubter just one more time.

Bobcats - 17 Red Raiders - 42

Drew's Keys to the Game:

Key 1: Bend but don't Break

Texas Tech has a revamped offense under Coach Kingsbury and hasn't exactly held back on the offensive side of the ball. The first two games, Tech scored over a hundred points. Texas State needs to give a bit of cushion on the outside receivers, and choose carefully when bringing the right blitz package.

Goal: 3 sacks, keep their red zone % below 75.

Key 2: Forget about last year

It's difficult to draw up a strategy for an opponent and stick to it knowing they beat you by almost 6 times your score the previous year. A lot has changed for both schools. Texas State hasn't started the season this well in recent history and Tech doesn't even have the same coach. The Bobcats need to forget last year and run over Tech with the "backs by committee" approach.

Goal: 3 rushing touchdowns, and keep the clock off of Tech's side

Key 3: Takeaways will win you upsets

Texas State has had no problem winning the turnover ratios the first two games. This needs to carry over with leadership from the linebacker duo of Orakpo and Mayo. Interceptions against Southern Miss was a deciding factor as much as Orakpo's fumble recovery and nose for the football kept Prairie View A&M away from the end zone all night. That's how you win games as an underdog.

Goal: 2 Interceptions and a fumble recovery.

Final Verdict: Honestly, if Texas State can do all three of these things, they have an outside shot against what looks like one of the hottest teams in the nation. However, all it will take is one simple slip up on what will need to be a near perfect day for the Bobcats to leave Lubbock with another W.

Bobcats - 42 Red Raiders - 35

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